November 9, 2011

Cross Crusade #7 - Pretty in Mud......Racing at Barton.

We are a unique breed.

We find beauty in the in between. The weather in between seasons. The mud that finds its way beneath our finger nails and in between our toes.

We discard the traditional girly ways and go out and get muddy. We suffer and snot and come out on the other side, covered in Barton grime, more beautiful.

We are special people. We are a tight community of lovers. Lovers of cyclocross, lovers of life, lovers of this unique community we call our own. We are fortunate.
Falling snow, melting hearts, tearing eyes, lyrics that touch the soul. There are times I can't help but cry, rejoice, celebrate, ache. We are the most fortunate people in the world. This should never be taken for granted. Ever.
A friend of me texted me this week, “I have something for you”. A pink tee, from Stomach of Anger, Pretty in Mud. That pretty much sums it up.

Racing at Barton Photo: PDXCRoss

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