November 24, 2011

Cross Crusade #8 - PIR - Yeap, that was sweet!

Photo: Pat Malach
PIR Take #2.  Pro Paddock Course, with mud.  So good. The last race of the Cross Crusade Series.  Awesome course, awesome support.  Kacy, Mom, Andrew, Max, and Jude all came out to the race as well.  Max had his number pinned on and raced the kiddi-cross.  He rocked it; see the sweet photos below (Thanks Matt).  
I took the W, with my Mom watching on - which felt great.  Having her there was pretty special.  With this win, I wrapped up the Cross Crusade Series!  My goal for the season was to win a Cross Crusade Race. I won 4.  I won the series; a pretty incredible feeling.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have such amazing support from my family, friends and team.  Not one race has been ridden this season without sister, mother, father, husband, friends, teammates there to cheer me on. I can't thank them enough.

Next up, Jingle Cross Rock in Iowa City over Thanksgiving...... Can't wait for this experience. 

Photo: Lasala Images