November 2, 2011

Cross Crusade #5 & 6 - The Halloween Weekend Double Header

Photo: Matthew Lasala
A picture says a thousand words, or so they say - so I am going to let the photos of this weekend tell most of the story.  I'll keep the words short, as the memories are sweet and still reeling though my mind.  

This past weekend, I raced at home in Bend.  The Cross Crusade came to the Sunnyside and we raced in the dust and warm autumn weather of Central Oregon.  There is nothing better than racing well, racing at home, and having Ben, and what seemed to be the whole of Bend, on the other side of the tape.  

At the finish line, Ben was there.  He was the first to congratulate me, never hesitating to give the hug I was so excited to get; even if I was covered in dirt.  That is true love, I am sure.

Hanging at the team tent pre-race                          

Charging the flyover Photo: Dave Adams

Purple Power Photo: Dan Brobst
Photo: Matthew Lasala

What a face..... Photo: Matthew Lasala
DAY 2 
Costumer Theme: Wizard of Oz.....

Thanks Mama for the awesome costume...Photo:

Fox as the Tin Man  Photo: Pat Malach

Damian as Dorothy

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One note to close; a dear friend and awesome cross racer, Renee, crashed on Sunday, after winning her race on Saturday.  She was injured, and will be out for awhile, but she will be back.  She's tough as nails and has an iron spirit.  She has a community that loves her and is being treated by the best in the business.

She needs all the positive energy we can send her way right now - so muster up your greatest super powers and shoot them her way.  I'm sending her the power of the Sword of Unicorn, and if you know what I am talking about; that is some super-charged super power!