September 5, 2014

The Official Blitz to the Barrel

Photo: Brian Nelson
I think this image says it all.  PURE AWESOME!

The Blitz to the Barrel did it again and took the title of BEST RACE OF THE YEAR!

Erik and his All Access Crew blew every expectation out of the water.

"Everything is so PRO" I heard one of the racers say as we headed up to the Wanoga Trailhead. "We even have our names on our race plates."  Even the smallest details were dialed.

Photo: lasala images
After a rocky start, I battled back to finish 3rd and held my own when it came time to chug the beer.

And to cap off an awesome event, I stood on the podium with some amazing women. I was so honored to race well, at home, with these fine ladies.

Big thanks to Erik, Kyeli, the Eastland Clan, the All Access Crew, 10 Barrel, and our amazing community! 

There is no better place to live, race and train!