October 26, 2011

Cross Crusade #4 - Hillsboro

I was hoping it would rain.  Hillsboro is the most fun in the rain.  I inquired with my Portland comrades about the potential need for mud tires.  Things didn't look promising.

Nope, it didn't rain.  As much as I would have liked to believe Brad Ross (see above), that is rarely in one's best interest.

So, on a clear, blue sky morning in October, we drove over the mountain, through the woods, to the Hillsboro Fairgrounds complex - to race cross!

My legs were feeling close to their old selves again.  I would say 97% back to normal; after a week of intensive self-care and good advice from Amber.

I was riding my new bike; lightweight, stiff, beautiful.  Don had put the finishing touches on her Thursday morning. She was smooth as silk.  I was hoping my legs could keep up with this new set of wheels.

Despite the flat, dry conditions, the Cross Crusade crew put together a fantastic course.  I was excited to try to hang with Alice for as long as I could.  I had a good start.  Lead for a lap or two, hung with Alice for part of a third and then, she was off... I tried to keep her in my sights - but a gap was formed, and I couldn't close.

I raced hard.  My legs cooperated.  I got the bit of confidence back that I need going into this weekend's double header in Bend.
First....... Photo: Mike Albright

Then.... Photo: PDXCross

The End
I got this email from my Mom on Monday.  She was at the race.  Cowbell in hand.  Running around the course, screaming.  Wow - I am one lucky kid.

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