October 18, 2011

That hurt. Cross Crusade #3 - PIR

As you can see from the expression on my face, that hurt.  A lot.
Photo: Nick Fochtman
My legs were tight. My back hurt. My mind was telling my legs to go faster.  They refused to listen.

I had to work for every pedal stroke. There was one off camber section, which was not difficult, but I couldn't find the right line.  A total bust on my part because I could have asked Damian or Matt or Don and they would have shown me the line before the race.

The course was really, really flat and dry. No running, except for the barriers. In some ways, it was not a good race, but in other ways, it was a great race.

I had to fight; fight hard. I didn’t feel great. I could have given up. I didn't.  I “hung in there” (which, by the way, is the worst thing you can yell at me during a race – completely demoralizing).

It is only with these not-so-great experiences that we learn to fight. And when we fight this hard and have good legs, the result can only be awesomeness.

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