September 30, 2009

Cyclocross... Chasing the Dream

We are often inspired most, not by the professionals, but by those around us, our friends; mere mortals who dedicate themselves to a goal and work to achieve it. Matt Fox is one of these people.

A teammate and friend, Matt is nicest guy you will ever meet and a sweet rider; strong, solid, and confident. He likes using the phases "Solid" and "Hillbilly Deluxe"; and for what ever reason I follow suit. He lets me follow him around the Phil's Network, slowing down so I can keep up and follow his lines. I admire his conviction and dedication to the sport of cycling and his love for not only the results, but the process.

Matt is a cyclist.

I am only becoming a cyclist; but his example has been instrumental in my burning desire to push the pedals ever harder, ever fast.

A recent post on Matt's Blog struck a cord with me…. Cyclocross….. Crashing the Dream. He puts in well:

"Head down I turn the pedals over and over. Tired aching legs and soreness find their way into my daily routine. I am getting ready. It's early I tell myself, one more interval, push it harder. It's all a big game to be sure, but it's one that drives me, keeps me motivated, keeps me dedicated and pushing myself to be better."

Read his entire entry and the rest of his Fox CX Blog here.