October 1, 2009

A Quote for Thought

Yesterday Ben sent me an email – Subject Line: A Quote for Thought

"Tell me, what it is you want to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

An eloquent expression of the question I have been pondering quite often lately.

My response:
1) I want to love Ben with all my being. I want to return the kindness and love he shows to me each and everyday. I want to be his best friend and his wife.
2) I want to ride bikes; well, strong, and fast.
3) I want to be part of my community, working to share my love of the outdoors and passion for new adventures with those around me.
4) I want to live a life less ordinary!
Lofty goals, perhaps.
Unrealistic, I think not.

We have one shot, we get one chance.
It is time to embrace life, in all its wonder and create an existence that challenges the body, mind, and soul.
There will be struggles, stumbles, and trials, I am certain. What does not kill us makes us stronger.