July 13, 2011

Letters from that Pacific Crest Trail #6


Walking Toward Safety
Mile 1378, Old Station California

Since July 4th, Bluegrass and I have had many adventures which, in the span of one normal day, would amount to stories beyond words. However since our journey into and out of the Sierra, things haven't seemed quite as exciting. Not that one needs excitement to be having the time of their life. Feelings of certainty in knowing where we are, having dry feet and a warm night's rest have replaced the thrills, terror and trepidation of snow travel and we must admit, we welcome the change....at least temporarily.
We've just entered the Cascades!! And are moving fast. We've surpassed the half way point and are nearing Oregon. We plan to be in Ashland on July 28th and will provide an Oregon itinerary from there. We are so excited to be returning to our favorite place and hope to meet up with many of you. Anyone interested in meeting up, give us a shout (if you haven't already) and we'll work on the dates. Wishing you all a beautiful day.


Bluegrass and Scarecrow
Welcome to the Cascades
Our Cascades

PCT Midpoint & The Beard
Bye Bye Beard