February 10, 2011


We all have crushes.  Friend crushes. We stalk these crushes; quietly, secretly, with caution.  We observe.  We study.  We tip toe around, longing for the day we might randomly meet.

These aren’t the creepy kind of crushes. These crushes are simply a yearning to learn from the people we admire.

We follow our crushes through the internet hallways; staying just out of sight. We scramble when we think we might get caught… but really, we kind of want to get caught….don’t we?

We want to have the chance to meet the individuals we look up to, seek knowledge from, strive to emulate. We want to be their friends.

And then, one day, we meet.

We meet these extraordinary people; with brilliant minds and glittering eyes and glowing spirits. They are people. Just like us. They smile and laugh and cry. They have hard times and get nervous and, amazingly, have crushes of their own. And sometimes, wonderfully, that crush is you.

In January, a group of women converged in the Salt Palace. Beneath the bright lights and crazy chaos of Outdoor Retailer, we met unexpectedly. Although we had appointments to rush off to and places to be, we stopped. We stood there. And laughed. Somehow we all knew we had crushes, on each other.

It was in that moment that I realized other people had crushes. Amazing. I was not alone.

Even the most brilliant, the most glittering, the most glowing have much to learn. And we learn from each other. We all have something to give, something to teach, a way to inspire. We all have crushes.