July 20, 2010

And so it begins…. Day one, of 6….

The Cascade Cycling Classis kicks off this evening with a 2 mile prologue….. 5 minutes, 6 minutes – of pain – my warm up will take ten times longer than the race itself.

This morning Don dialed in my bike to match the time trial specifications of USA Cycling, which for a short kid like me are pretty silly, especially since I am riding my road bike with clip on bars – but those are the rules and I would rather know about them and follow them, then get surprised at the last moment.

I will join the other lone-stars and pick up my packet at 1pm this afternoon. The race begins at 6pm.

People are already dressed for the evening’s events by the looks of the folks waiting in line at Thump Coffee and it is still half a day away….but preparation is everything and they want to be ready.

The CCC is a big race, my first big road race. My stomach has been turning over since yesterday; with anticipation and excitement for what the next 6 days will hold.