July 16, 2010

A Wild Ride in The Radio Flyer

Life has gotten away from me.
I jumped in the Radio Flyer wagon and have been heading downhill, without breaks, for the last month. A high speed adrenaline rush, just hold on time and enjoy the ride.

The weekend of the Northwest Crossing Crit and Picketts Charge was when the mayhem really started.

I raced Friday night, took a flyer on the first prem lap, won a massage with Amber, who is pretty much fabulous, and ended up soloing out front for the rest of race. It was hard and not the best decision given Picketts was about 36 hours away, but the adrenaline I felt following through my veins made it worth it.

Saturday, Ben and I, and both of our Moms, ventured to Opal Creek to check out the site of the wedding. Planning a wedding is a lot more work that I had bargained for and while I strive to be carefree and stressless about the whole thing – I have found it all but impossible. Luckily, we were reunited with some good friends in Jawbone Flats and I was continually reminded that everything would fall into place; and somehow, for some reason, I believe it.

Sunday was Picketts Charge, Sunnyside’s Race and the last race in the XC Oregon Mountain Bike Series. Sunnyside took the win, a bunch of us got Champion Jerseys and I was reminded once again why I love riding for a team made up of friends, on the dirt, surrounded by smiles! Check out Don’s blog for some photos of the day and a great recap of why Sunnyside rocks! (Fox – we missed you!)

After a morning of racing, I headed back to town, cleaned up and was greeted by a backyard party. The Moms, Kacy (my fabulous little sister) and some of our bestest friends gathered for a little couple’s wedding shower. I’m not too into events with the word “shower” in the tag line, but as promised there were no silly games and we simply enjoyed a beautiful Bend afternoon surrounded by people we love.

Life since then has pretty much been a whirl wind. We spent a couple days on the McKenzie River, Ben spent a long weekend in Boulder for his second bachelor party, I raced High Desert Omnium, we have been harvesting beautiful food from the garden, we decided to grow up and act like a adults, meaning we bought some patio furniture and a BBQ – and I started eating buffalo and elk. WOW. Oh, and we are planning a wedding.

The beginning of this week, on our daily morning walk with Minute, Ben said, “I am so looking forward to Labor Day weekend”. Labor Day weekend, in September? So much will transpire between now and then. I can’t even think about September.

My schedule for the next couple of weeks are pretty mush insane: Cascade Cycling Classic, Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, High Cascade 100, Wedding, Idaho MTB/Hot Spring Tour, breath.

This morning I sent Ben an email entitled T-30. Today is July 15th (Happy 5th Anniversary to Kacy & Andrew), our wedding is on August 14th! T-30; the Radio Flyer is picking up speed.