May 21, 2010

Swell, Our New Westfalia

A long time coming.
Ben has dreamt of being the owner of a Volkswagon Westfalia since the day I met him.  Last Wednesday we handed over the cash and got the keys to our own little home on wheels.

Not your average, everyday 1985 rig, Swell (my top name choice for our new set of wheels) comes equipped with the following super stellar features:

-Solar Panel for changing the auxiliary battery.
-Rocket Box
-Awning (on the opposite side)
-Full functioning kitchen set-up
-Pop-top with skylight
-Rear Tow Hitch for carting our bikes around
-Propane heater
                                                                                       -15" wheel
                                                                                       -Cruise control for rolling along at 60mph
                                                                                      -A serious stereo with remote control

With cup holders, new carpet and a sweet sounding engine, Ben and I are excited to hit the road and do some adventuring.

The honeymoon has been sketched out.... a week long mountain bike / hot spring tour of Idaho.... SunValley, Stanley, Hailey, Challis...

If you have Idaho riding tips, send them our way.. neither of us has spent much time there and we want to make the most our trip.
Being an owner of a Westy, you have to learn the Westy Wave.  We are lucky enough to have a couple of friends (Matt, Renee & Chad, and Timmy) willing to teach us the top secret handshake.

A couple of trips to the thrift and we are just about loaded and ready to go.  Snow is forecasted for the weekend, but we aren't going to let that stop us.  Saturday night we are out of here.... sleeping somewhere not too far from a trailhead that will provide us with Sunday's adventure!