December 3, 2009

A fine Line - Cyclocross Nationals and the Portland USGP

There is a fine line between excitement and nervousness; pain and pleasure; dedication and obsession.

24 degrees.  Windproof tights, 2 jackets, warm gloves. 
45 second intervals – all out efforts. 
Why are the last 3 seconds always the hardest?

Quads burning, lungs experiencing equal pain. 
Each inhale is a reminder of the ambient air temperature.

It is December; it is cold, and I am doing the intervals that will make me stronger, tougher, faster.

I roll back to my invisible starting line; ready to repeat 45 seconds of pedal-turning bliss.

What are you thinking?

These races are different.  I will not be racing to win. I will be racing to survive. 

I will be racing for the experience of lining up with the likes of Katie Compton, Amy Dombroski, Alison Dunlap, and Georgia Gould.

I will stand on the line, honored that I can pretend to chase these ladies around for three-quarters of an hour.

I will race as hard and as fast as my legs will allow; I will remember the time and effort and support Damian, Don, Ben and Team Sunnyside have given me. 

I will race because I love it. 
I will race because it makes me smile. 
I will race because somewhere deep down, I can’t seem to draw the line between love and hate, dedication and obsession, pleasure and pain.

Last night I got some advice from Ben; the person who knows me better than any other being on earth:

Race like you are crazy.