May 12, 2009

Monday Night Ride

This week marked the fourth Monday Night Ride of the season. A group of friends just out to ride bikes on dirt.

It just so happens that my friends are also amazing mountain bikers. Riding with them challenges me; watching their lines and attempting to keep up with them on the downhill.

Mountain biking is like spending the afternoon at an amusement park; only better.

This week we ventured up Mrazek, tacky soil, green under-growth, blue sky.

The evening was perfect for a ride, a few Cumulous Clouds with bright rays of evening sun steaming through. The trail was in fantastic condition. Even with a group of 5 riders, the dust was minimal and the corners were perfect. The benefits of last week's rain remain.

There is no better way to see the seasons change than from the saddle of bicycle. On a bike, the texture of the earth makes a difference. You pay attention to the moisture in the air, the consistency of the dust, the smell of the sage. Under the canopy of Ponderosa Pines the wind seems less intense and you are sheltered from the rain, snow, or blistering heat.

Some folks meet their friends for happy hour drinks. We meet our friends for single track splendor.

Come join us any Monday evening. We take to the trails about 5:30pm, from our place.