February 24, 2009

only in central oregon.................

The rain smelled sweet, the air was warm. “It feels like spring” I said, just as Mary charges past me. We were doing breakaway drills and Mary had decided to go…my legs burned as I chased. She is fast out of the shoot, but the speed is short lived. I am slower at first, but can hold the pace for longer. In this drill, she was kicking my ass.

It was been a great weekend. A weekend only possible in Central Oregon. Let me recap the last few days.

Friday afternoon: Road ride; Hills on Awbrey and a ride with the Girls, followed by weights at Juniper
Saturday: Skating skiing session, taught lessons at the Nordic Center, Tele in the afternoon with Ben
Sunday: Long skate ski session, Tele on the alpine side, ride out east with Mary

It is Sunday afternoon; the sun is trying desperately to break through the rain laden clouds. We are riding out east; my legs are tired, in good way. I can tell I am getting stronger. I didn't race this weekend, I am not yet willing to give up on winter. Cycling season is knocking on the down and I let in once in a while, but it will remain a temporary guest for little while longer. The Banana Belt series starts next weekend and with just one other road race under my belt, I hope to race smarter and stronger.

We make the turn onto Alfalfa Market road, the flag at the intersection indicates we will have a tailwind, I can't complain. Mary and I take turns pulling, we are riding at a good, but comfortable pace and try to keep up the tempo on the rollers. Good practice for the circuit around Hagg Lake. As we approach town, I see Pilot Butte in the distance. The wheels beneath me roll along smoothly and I am thankful to not be doing another 2 hour ride on the trainer.

We part ways in the downtown, Mary heading south, I am heading west. I can't help but smile as I beat the stoplight at the Greenwood intersection.

I love riding bikes and this year, I might actually prove to be good at it.