September 11, 2008

Oakridge & The Alpine Trail - Labor Day Weekend

Sunday morning we woke up with the sun, excited to be doing some riding around Oakridge, the current up and coming mountain biking mecca, located between Eugene and well, about 40 miles east of Eugene on Highway 58. There isn't much there except great mountain biking and the house that Eric and Meg purchased 2 years ago and have been slowly fixing up. Aaron and Hailey decided to head back to Bend and not ride with us, which was disappointing, but understandable; Aaron's dog, Teddy was on the loose. Missing dog = Worried Owners. Anyway, we Eli (the trusty Subaru) at Eric and Meg's and headed up and over the ridge to West Fur and the Covered Bridge, aka Entrance to super sick riding. The ride up to the top of the Alpine Trail can be a grulling one if you are not prepared. It starts off with a couple miles of super scenic, semi-technical single-track along the river and then the fun begins - a long and arduous climb up a fire road.