September 15, 2008

Cyclocross #2

Thursday night was the second cyclocross race in the Thrilla series and I have to admit, I went into this one a bit more nervous than last week. I wanted to do well and knowing that I could got my stomach in a knot. The race went pretty well, a few new girls came out to race, a couple of them were amazing, one was from out of town & come to find out, really good (she won), the other was a world-class athlete, professional XC skier, and just beat a 50k trail race course record by 11 minutes (she came in 3rd), so when I came in 4th this week, with on additional lap over lap week, I didn't feel so bad. I took a couple of falls, one over the bars and the other while trying to pass someone on a running section and almost bit it coming into the barriers, but I did race more aggresively and am excited to keep improving each week.