July 25, 2013

High Cascade 100 - Taking the Win!

Honored to be atop the podium!
Photo: Kyeli Eastland
100 miles on a mountain bike is a long way to pedal; an undertaking I do not take lightly.

The last two years, I have placed second and third in the High Cascade 100. This year I wanted to win.  I had prepared the best I know how, with the guidance of my coach and some good friends.  My Anthem was dialed, my Clif nutrition carefully scheduled, my drop bags were in the truck.  It was time to do this.

The race started at 5:30am.  At 2:30pm, I crossed the finish line, almost 40 minutes in front of my nearest competitor. I could barely hold onto my bike.  My whole body was overheating. I just needed to sit down. A friend grabbed my bike, some else found me a chair in the shade, and a cold towel filled with ice.  The temperature was in the high 90s.  No wonder I was overheating.

Pretty soon, Thom was sitting across from me, with a camera in his hand.

Really, you want to get me on film, right now?

I tried will all my might to string together complete sentences and coherent thoughts. I am not sure I did a very good job, but you can make your own judgment after you watch this.

Thanks to Mike Ripley for putting a great event, to all the aid station volunteers who helped me get on my way quickly, to the Scots who magically appeared at Dutchman Flats and provided unmatched support, to Dale who kept me company for over an hour and lent incredible words of encouragement, to Erik and the Eastland Clan for believing in me, to all the sponsors and supporters of All Access Racing, to Sunnyside Sports, and to Ben, my #1, for putting up with this crazy thing called bike racing.

More of the story...........

Cycling News: http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/national-ultra-endurance-nue-series-high-cascades-100-2013/results

Race Recap from Dirtwire.tv

Yep, there was a bit of suffering:
Early morning light, just getting started.
Photo: Oregon Velo

Really suffering now.
Photo: Oregon Velo