September 27, 2012

USA Cycling Marathon Nationals - That was RAD!

Photo: Matthew Lasala
When I crossed the finish line, I was spent. I had raced my legs off, and when those got tired, I raced with my heart. At the end of the day, I had done what I set out to do. I raced well and crossed the line with nothing left.  I had set a goal and achieved it.  

At the finish line, as I began to recover, doubled over my handlebars, giving Ben, Amber, and Brig a short race recap, Adam Craig came over asked me how things went.

"Pretty well" I said. Then I stopped, smiled and rethought my answer.

"That was rad!" I yelped as I jumped for glee. (Yes, literally)

I couldn't wipe the cheesy grin from my dirt covered face. But heck, I didn't want to. 4th place, YES!

As I stood on the podium, next to Kelli Emmett, Pua Mata, Kelly Boniface and Sari Anderson, I felt humbled and honored.  I had worked hard and earned my spot on the podium. But, I had not done it alone.    
Photo: Matthew Lasala
My bike was dialed, my training and nutrition plans executed well, my mind was set on getting the job done.  I was pushed and pulled and powered during the entire race by the thoughts and energy coming from the people who care about me and support this crazy hobby called bike racing. 

I race because I love it, I train because I want to, and when things come together and all that hard work is rewarded, it is not the individual who can take the credit, it is everyone who has helped along the way.
Photo: Matthew Lasala

Now it is cyclocross season.  With the flip of a switch, summer has turned to fall and the little fish is being retired, in favor of the cross bike, as least for a few months.