September 13, 2012

Channeling Jens Voigt - Marathon Nationals is Saturday.

Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals is on Saturday.  Here in Bend, Oregon.

Racing at home is awesome. But also comes with its own challenges.

This morning, as I was doing my stretching, I was thinking about Saturday's Race.

The course is challenging and the competition stiff.
This will be my first race in the USA Cycling Pro Category.
I know the trails.
I have done the work.
This is going to hurt.
How much I can push myself?
How well I can shut off the central governor?
How deep can I dig?

Saturday will be a day that will require mental toughness, positive self-talk, consistent attention to nutrition, solid bike handling skills, little gears, high cadence, pedal mashing, dust surfing, confidence and a little Jens Voigt channeling: "Shut Up Legs".

Bottom line: It really comes down to how much I want it. 

Saturday I will race my best.  I will cross the finish line with nothing left.  And no matter where that puts me in the standings, I will pleased with my performance and my season and myself.

Send strong energy at about 10 o'clock Saturday - I'll be starting the Flagline climb.  I am going to need it.