April 10, 2012

A House Full of Smiles!

Photo: Andrew Keippela
Last weekend my sister, Kacy, her husband, Andrew, and their two dear sweet boys, Max and Jude, came to visit Ben and I in Bend.  We drank coffee, ate cake cupcakes, rode bikes, laughed, smiled and generally enjoyed one another’s company.  Our house is small; 845 square feet.  Last weekend it contained four adults, two kids, and one puppy.  It was a full and joyous house, to say the least!

In Summary:

Kacy: aka Skidder because she slid face-first down an asphalt driveway when she was 2 or 3 years old.  She’s kick-ass.  Super mom, awesome sister, daughter and friend – oh, and she works full-time.  I am not sure how she does it.  Did I mention she is a fabulous baker, beautiful and a seamstress?

Andrew: Talented amateur-photographer, ever-loving, best-ever brother-in-law of mine.  Andrew is a calm and patience father, compassionate husband, and Blazer super-fan.

Max: Three-and-a-half year old rock-star.  Born very prematurely, gave us all a fright, and now an energetic, fun-loving, and pretty-darn-smart little guy who started racing cyclocross last year on his Scoot and is sure to CRUSH all the big kids now that he has a pedal bike.

Jude: Eight-month-old bundle of joy and my god-son.  I watched the birth of this little angel last July and feel that, somehow, we might just be kindred-spirits.  Jude is almost walking, loves bubble baths and has blue eyes that are sure to break some hearts.

The weekend: A complete and utter whirlwind of excitement and smiles.

New pedal bike from Sunnyside Sports
Max went from Scoot to pedal bike in less than 1 minute – no training wheels required.

Walking Adventure Downtown

Surprise: Totoro lives in Bend.  Totoro is the boy’s favorite storybook character – straight from Japanese Anime. So worldly.
Sledding with Max, Andrew, and Piper – full speed-ahead and no looking back!
Baby-sitting, bath-time, and good-night books.
A brilliant weekend reminding me how fortunate I am to have such an amazing family; full of love, understanding, and smiles.