September 9, 2011

Racing in the dust. Thrilla #1

Photo: David Adams
No better way to work out the cobwebs and get your race-face on than to ride around in the dust and sagebrush.  More than 150 competitors gathered Thursday night for the first race of the THRILLA, Round #8.  

Cyclocross season brings the smiling faces of friends I haven’t seen since Nationals; a spirit that can be found nowhere but at the finish line of a cross race.  Bright smiles reveal dust covered teeth, recent pain, and pure joy. 

No matter the jersey you wear, the bike you ride, the team you are on; if you race cross, you share a common bond that only members of our community can understand.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community. 

Big thanks to Kevin of Webcyclery for putting on this series.  It offers our small, but mighty community of racers the opportunity to get our “cross” on before heading to the Valley for a full Cross Crusade season.