May 16, 2011

Racing, Napping and Catching Up.. Chainbreaker, Spring Thaw, & Mother's Day!

Photo: Bill Warburton
My mind won’t quiet.  At the end of a 75-minute yoga session I should be able to enjoy shavasana.  My afternoon nap time.  The feeling of being four years old; in nursery school.  The nap time we all detested and now would give anything to get back.  Those few minutes at the end of yoga class are bliss.  Or should be.  But not today.  My mind is racing; literally.

Two weekends in a row called for racing.  Mountain bike racing.  The fun, single track sort of racing that is only second to cyclocross racing when it comes to my favorite things to do on two wheels.

The Chainbreaker, held in Bend, was on Mother’s Day.  I raced in shorts and short sleeves. It snowed.  At one point I looked down at my arms and they were just about the same color as the baby pink on my jersey.  My digits stayed warm thanks to my all time favorite gloves and I didn’t get cold until the race was over and we were standing around, eating, drinking and being merry/cold.  It was a great crowd, a super fun course, and I could see improvement in my riding compared to last year.  While I was still minutes behind Sue and Alice, I was fewer minutes behind.  Steady improvement is the key to success.    

Photo: Cascade Event Photography

This weekend, a strong Bend contingent ventured down to Ashland for the Spring Thaw.  Huge kudos to the race organizers for being quick on their feet when snow required an alternative course route and doing a great job of bringing a party like atmosphere to the event.  The course was the most “downhill” cross country race I have ever done.  Two laps, 5,000ft of climbing, and enough downhill single track to get guys in full-face helmets to toe the line.  Last year, I wouldn’t have been able to ride down that trail.  This year, I rode everything.  I rode everything, but not quickly.  I lost precious time on the downhill portion, but I learned a lot.  I learned that I need to brake less, have more confidence and get more calories down. 

My brain is still cranking at full speed, my legs are tired and today is a rest day.  I need to rest; my body and my mind.  I am learning to rest my body; my mind is a whole other story.

Patience young grasshopper.

Next up is the Sister’s Stampede.  Joel puts on a great race, complete with a real life cowboy to lead out the Pro Men.  If the race is anything like last year, it will be fast, dusty single track, loads of lava and a killer after party. 

Oh and in honor of Mother's Day and my Mom's 60th Birthday.....
Me, Skidder, and Mama.  Skid is expecting her second son in July.