March 25, 2011

Snow Sparkles and Sunshine.. A few images to bring a smile!

Meet Max.  My nephew.  He is awesome.  My youngest coffee buddy; this little bugger is incredibly entertaining, witty, and not to mention, adorable.

Just like me when I was young (actually, just like me now); Max loves being outdoors, checking stuff out, and exploring the nuts and bolts of life.
Oh, and he rides bikes.  Another reason we get along so well.  Note the helmet: My baby shower gift pre-Max.  Kacy wasn't impressed at the time, but now she knows I only had my nephew's best interest in mind.

Max & Monkey - Travel ready.  Already getting on a jet plane... Max is up for adventure... one of these days he will board a plan in PDX, land in RDM and spend a few days with Ben and I.  I am anxious for this day.  Summer Camp!

Max and Kacy baking up a batch of out-of-this-world scones.  Little Jude Bishop Keippela (nephew #2) is in this picture too, middle left.......

Two big smiles - Bishop Smiles!  My Papa still full of life; Max carrying on the Bishop grin.

Dad... and Photographer.  Thank you Andrew for capturing such emotional shots and for sharing them with the rest of us!

On this snowy spring day, I am ever grateful for the amazing family I have.  Kacy and Andrew are amazing parents, my parents are both happy and healthy, and I have Max, a joyful nephew who reminds me to question... EVERYTHING.  And baby Jude, I can't wait to meet you.