March 3, 2011

Superhero Snow in the Three Sisters Wilderness

Tam McArthur Rim on a clear day... not today.

After the Mt. Bailey adventure around the first of the year, I hadn't been back on my telemark skis; until last weekend.  I was nervous and filled with apprehension, but determined to get back on the horse.

When you visit the Three Sisters Backcountry website, the first sentence reads: 
"Nestled in a grove of old-growth Hemlocks at the base of Tam McArthur Rim are two 20' yurts and a wood fired sauna."
How could I pass that up?

Sunday afternoon Bill, Brenna, Ben and I rolled into the Three Creeks SnoPark.  Monday night we returned.

The hours in between were gravy.  Superhero Snow and Tam Rim.

I wish I had more pictures to show off the bounty of the Three Sisters Backcountry.  The few photos here will have to speak for themselves.

Flexing some muscle & organizing gear
Loading up the sled for our trip into the yurts
Smiling in the never let up
Brenna anxious to get out into the storm
Shoveling out the Owl Yurt Monday morning!
And for the High-Def version of the trip, check out Bill's video here.