October 20, 2010

Sunnyside's Most Aggressive Rider Award Week #3 - Racing Across the Pond

And this week’s award goes to Don.

Nope, Don wasn’t at the killer Cross Crusade race in Sherwood this week, instead he was racing his bike, have fun, and mixing it up across the pond.

Here’s his abbreviated report from Strathclyde County Park, Scotland.
After 10 days in France and 4 fun days in Scotland it was time to test the legs. I was doing a Scottish Cyclocross Series race at Strathclyde County Park near Glasgow.

My start was OK and then I just generally moved up through the field. I still don't know how I did place wise, but my body felt good, a little back tightness on the last lap is all. I had been chasing a couple of younger lads and finally made my move on the last lap, but then a rookie stumble over the barriers allowed both of them to pass me at the finish.
Check out Don's Blog for all his ramblings from France and Scotland.
Don, we are glad you had fun, but stoked to have you back! Get ready for mud at PIR!