May 7, 2010

A double-header weekend - Bike Racing & A Little Oregon Road Trip

Barb – I am writing this one for you…because I think you might be the only one that reads this blog.

It’s Friday and I am just now sitting down to scribble about the double-header weekend that was the Eugene Roubaix and Mudslinger.  Let’s just say I have been playing and writing for other people for the last couple of days.

The weekend was jam packed and fabulous.  A little Oregon road trip, all by myself – a road race, a mountain bike race, a trip to the coast, time with my mom, my sister and my nephew, a drive home through Mt. Hood blizzard on Cinco De Mayo.

The Eugene Roubaix – A fabulous course with less than fabulous race direction.  The race started about 30 minutes late, as a result, we were caught by the Cat 1 Men with less than half a lap to go.  We (Cat 1/2/3 Women) were neutralized, our break of 3 minutes was completely for not and unfortunately, it came down to a sprint finish with the whole pack.  I finish 6th, two of the girls in front of me weren’t in the break…. But that’s road racing and that’s all I am going to say about that.  Up until the whole neutralization thing, the race was fast and challenging; we were really racing.  I felt strong, comfortable and confident I belonged among those other women.  What a change from last year.  I guess I am a cyclist now; I have earned it.

The Mudslinger – Man, that one hurt.  I battled it out with Shawna, from Sisters, for almost the entire race.  I mean really battled it out, 30-90 seconds apart for 25+ miles.  She got me at the end, by something like 7 seconds.  I had just pulled as hard I my legs would allow for 2 miles on a gravel road, she was on wheel.  She stood up and went.  I tried to respond.  Nothing happened.  I was done.  I might not have won, but I raced.  I was thrilled that we were able to push each other.  When we finished, she said her time was 16 minutes faster than last year.  16 minutes, that’s substantial.

Rest, recovery, a visit to the beach house, wedding planning, a couple of workouts in Portland, and 5 days away from Ben left me ready to return to Bend.  A late season snowstorm made for a long trip over Hood. 

The Bend bike-racing scene has a big weekend on tap… Bend Don’t Brake Saturday, Chainbreaker Sunday.  Monday brings a new chapter in my life… excited to see how everything unfolds.  I’ll keep you posted.  And Barb, thanks for reading!

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