April 4, 2010

Bringing me a smile. Every. Friggin. Day.

Few individuals spark with so much enthusiasm for life.  Lighting up a room, giggling and smiling about what ever happens to be the highlight of the day.  Making you feel like the most important person around, always happy to see you; excited for what grand adventures you might have undertaken and what you had for dinner.

My friend Barb is one of these rare individuals.  A women whose contagious spirit and devotion for living can’t help but rub off.

I met Barb a year or so ago; in a bike shop.  I had no idea that brief introduction would result in so many conversations and teach me so much. 

Barb is stubborn, kind and hardworking. She has fabulous hair, grease under her fingernails and calves of steel.  Car mechanic turned bike mechanic, Barb has been a member of the Sunnyside Sports family for over 20 years. She loves her job; one look at the way she builds a wheel and it is pretty obvious.
Her infamous signature?  Little heart stickers; hidden in unassuming places on your rims.  When I first discovered my “heart” I didn’t really get it. 

Why is there a heart sticker on my wheel?  

Now I know Barb.  Now I know who built that wheel.  Now I get it. 

If you know Barb, you get it.  If you don’t know Barb, you should. 

Take a trip down to Sunnyside.  Barb will be the one in the Park apron, sporting purple highlights in her hair, talking about riding bikes, her new Vulture single-speed and the next great adventure she is planning with her, also quite fabulous husband, Lou.