March 29, 2010

Its Raining.

Its raining.  It's been raining all day.  The sky is gray, the grass is of the brightest green and doves that call our front yard home are attempting to find shelter in the naked branches of our cherry trees. 

Call me soft, but I just couldn’t will myself out onto the weather today to do my workout today.  Instead I sat on the trainer, suffering in a pool of my own sweat, despite open windows and the trusty Hawaiian Breeze fan. 

As I turned the pedals, I couldn’t help but think about Cyclocross Season.  Watching through the window, the rain running off the roof, I caught myself dreaming of bright smiles emerging mud-splattered faces, dirt covered skin-suits, filthy bikes, and the smell of Northwest KneeWarmers Embrocation. Cross season is 6 months away; too many other races to think about between now and then.  With the smell of sweet rain lingering, I can’t help myself. 

I wonder how many other dedicated cyclists are locked in their respective garages today, watching watts and heart rates and minutes.  How many of them are training for cross? 

After following the Redlands Classic and Milan-San Remo, after spending my most fabulous vacation cycling in Spain, I am ready to race.  I am ready to pull on the spandex and adorn the Sunnyside Kit and suffer.  And suffer I will.  I am upping the ante this season.  I am racing less, expecting more, and training smarter (I might even learn to descend).

And why? What is the purpose of all of this?  Why spin pedals and sweat like a pig and ride my bike when it is pouring rain?  Because I love it.  I love the freedom, the strength, the dedication, and most of all, the community.  My community.  My friends and teammates and comrades.  So, to you (and you know who you are), thank you.