December 10, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day.

It’s not time to get nervous.  But nervous I am getting.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. 

How big, you ask?

Tomorrow is the day I have been thinking about since March.  
The idea occurred to me on a bone-chilling ride up Skyliner Drive.  
Cyclocross Nationals – I want to be a part of that.

I road all spring and summer; attempting to race a road bike. 
Learning I had a lot to learn.
Learning to push pedals and spin wheels is easy; racing a bike is a whole other ball game. 

I started skills practice in early August.
My stutter step is all-but-gone. 
I have driven to Portland just about every weekend this fall.

I am no different than any other lover of cross. 
Sacrificing late Saturday nights and lazy Sunday mornings. 
Spending the “date night” money on race entries or new pedals.

Tomorrow I will stand at the starting line of my first Cyclocross Nationals Race.
Looking around I will see only familiarity; but I will feel something new.

I am uncertain of all the thoughts that will run through my mind right before the gun sounds, but
I hope to clearly see the experience for what it is; an honor to be riding my bike and a chance to race like I am crazy.