February 11, 2009

When the weather calls for snow, act accordingly.

An early wake up call, a cup of tea and a few laps on the cone makes for a pretty good morning. Finally, winter came back to Central Oregon and over the past 24 hours Ullr has showered us with 9inches of the powdery white stuff. Under normal circumstances 9 inches would be just another day, but this winter, 9 inches is worthy of the adjectives fabulous, luscious, sweetness.

Ben and I were skinning up under Red Chair about 7 this morning, a few other snow-lovers where sharing in the splendor, including Aaron (the inconspicuous Birthday boy). It was snowing, but the visibility was good and the wind only started blowing when we arrived at the top of the cone – on top we saw Luke, Ryan, and Jenny & Jon – love the small town feel of our own private mountain.

Ben says “Ready?”, “I’ll follow you” I reply and he drops off into fluffy pillows of snow. I spot him below, I make my first turn, let gravity take me, the tele turn… it has only taken me 3 years to figure out how to point my skis down hill and go for it; but finally, I got it! A few more laps and off to work………