February 12, 2009

The Wise Blue Heron

Heading out for a morning run, the sky was just starting to light up and ice crystals glistened and danced as the soft breeze stirred them from their slumber. Town was quiet and smelled fresh and cold, new snow in the mountains brings a delightful aroma to the high desert. A few birds were singing and the squirrels were out gathering what ever there is to gather on a cold February morning. Along the river trail the breeze picked up and I inhaled deeply – I was coming alive…….

And then I saw him, the great blue heron, perched in the reeds, just a few feet from where I passed by. I stopped, quietly observing. He looked at me, blinked and turned away; perfectly still with the exception of the rotation of his neck. I smiled and continued on. Quiet lessons come when you least expect them.