January 6, 2009

Then the Dinner…………….

Ben had told me he made dinner reservations at Merenda for my birthday, which I was excited about, but he just seemed so nonchalant and the whole thing. Like, “No big deal, we are just going out with your family…….la, la, la.” My friends kept asking me what I was doing and no one was very anxious to help me celebrate. I understood, the holidays are a busy time, everyone is tired of parties and such. Oh, but how wrong I was. We arrived downtown just about 7pm and Mark wanted to go into Goodies to get some chocolate – I don’t ever argue with a offer for chocolate, so we all went in a picked out a piece or two for later.
We then walked across the street to the restaurant and gave them our names. Well, I guess we were a little early for the actual “surprise”, but I walked upstairs and standing around, chatting, were all my friends. I couldn’t believe it. Terra and Jay, Dave and Tracy, Andrea and Greg, Kim and Zach, Renee and Chad, Hailey and Aaron, and Rachel. My Aunt Rena was even there….. I had no idea! Ben and my Mom had really pulled it off, I couldn’t have asked for more. We had a wonderful time, I never saw one person without a smile on their face. The only folks missing were Kacy and Andrew, Papa and Connie, and Carol, Larry, Carly, and Eric, but they were all there is spirit.