October 13, 2008

Exploring in Sisters

We decided to go exploring on the Sisters Trail system, planning to complete the 16 mile Peterson Ridge Loop.... after 2 creek crossing and a lot of freshly cut trail, we ended up on the Metolious Windigo Trail - not exactly what we had planned, but beautiful none the less. We could see what we thought was Peterson Ridge to the South and the Mountains to the West..... about 3 hours after starting out, we returned to the car - still trying to figure out where we got off track. Upon further investigation, we have determined that while the Sisters Trail System is fairly well marked, it is marked only in the sense that you are on a trail that is a part of the trail system, not indicating what trail you are actually on. We later discovered that a unmarked trail junction about 2 miles into the run was were we should have gone left instead of right.... oh well... that gives us an excuse to go back again soon.