September 29, 2008

CycloCross #3 - 2nd place

Thrilla CycloCross race #3 proved to be a break through race... I had been resting for most of the week due to trying to recover from the Timberline Marathon and went into the race not having been on my bike, any of my bikes, since the last cross race..... I didn't know how my legs were going to respond, but to my surprise, they did fabulously!
I raced smarter this week, kept my breath under control and didn't go out as hard as in pervious weeks; after the first 400 meters, I was right with the leaders, Sami and Steph, and after the first set of barriers, I was able to past Sami and didn't see her again. I was right behind Steph and hung on for about 4-5 laps, not believing I was still with her. Then, about 2/3 of the way through, I made a move and passed her, I knew she was right behind me, but I figured if I could stay focused and be aggressive, I might be able to hold her off. I rode in the lead for a couple more laps and then they called time and 3 laps to go.... I had to move and stay strong. I was able to get a bit of gap in front of Steph with 2.5 laps to go, and held it for about half a lap, and then, probably because I was so excited, I fell on the sharp 180 degree turn/hill section and didn't recover in time, Steph got by me and with only 1 lap to go, all I could do was hold on and not let her get away.... I came in 2nd, just a couple seconds behind..... Although I was disappointed I hadn't pulled out the win, I raced well and was excited that I finished as close to Steph, who wins ever week, as I did.
One more race in the Thrilla series to go................