August 7, 2008

To begin with

I said I would never join facebook or myspace. I argued that I didn't enough time to spend with the people around me already. I continue to hold these claims as true...... only, some of the people I love and care about don't live 5 minutes away by bike or foot or longboard. Some of the people I love live on the other side of a mountain range, or in another time zone or hemisphere. And life passes by so darn fast these days that I miss out on sharing with some of these people.... So I started this blog; to share my life with the people I love and in hopes that they will do the same. It is my goal that this blog is not soley one sided and my family and friends can use it as a medium of sharing what is going on in their lives as well.

Currently, there is one item I must get out and share, and that is the birth of the first Bishop/Keippela baby - Maxwell Alexander - Born Sunday, July 13 at 11:45ish am.
Kacy and Andrew are already doing an amazing job at parenting and I am so proud of the family they have created.