August 7, 2008

Sub-24, A Weekend Bike Tour

With summer rapidly progressing and my own over active desire for adventure, I continually go in search of how ways to make my spirit light up. Recently, I have discovered that riding my bike does just that....... road bike, mountain bike, cruiser bike, it really doesn't matter, I just like the feeling of being on a bike, traveling at high speed under my own power, making my way through the forest, from home to work, pulling a trailer full of groceries or produce from the farmers market - whatever gets me on two wheels.  
So, of course the Sub-24hour is an enticing idea... a short camping trip on bike, carrying everything you need with you; its like backpacking, but on wheels.  Last weekend I had my first  chance to take on the sub-24.  My friends Eric and Meg and their daughter Anika (2), along with myself were headed to Camp Sherman for a wedding of our friends Pete & Alicia.  Most people were going out that afternoon and camping anyway, so we thought, "Why not do the same thing, but a little bit different, lets go on bikes".  The wedding started at 5pm, so about 11am we were packed up and ready to go..... Meg and I were each pulling a BOB trailer, with Ani in the Chariot being pulled by her dad, Eric.  
We made it to the wedding in plenty of time, had a snack, changed out clothes and with the exception of our bikes, looked no different that all the other guests that began to arrive.  After the ceremony, we made our may to the reception site, the Camp Sherman Community Center, located about 4 miles back up the road.  As everyone else jumped in their cars, we pull our cycling shorts on under our dresses and pedaled on over.  The party was a lot of fun, good food, great music and once it got dark, we set up out camp in the field behind the fire station and slept well under the starts.  
With the sun, I was up and awake, but laid in my tent, finished reading a inspiring article about the Great Dividie Mountain Bike Race and enjoyed the sound of the birds until the Powers woke up.  We had a breakfast of oatmeal and strong, strong coffee and headed back toward Bend.  Of course, we had to stop in Sisters for our favorite 2nd breakfast spot, Angelina's bakery, where we gobbled up coffee cake, a scone, and a bagel.  By the time we made it home the hills felt much steeper and longer than usual and we are all thrilled to see the street sign reading "Ogden".  As I pulled into the alley to unload, I couldn't help by smile - what a sense of accomplishment, traveling just 90 miles, but pulling everything I needed for a weekend adventure.  More bike tours to come, next time Ben will have to join too!