June 12, 2014

The Official, Unofficial Blitz to the Barrel

Photo: Bill Warburton

The last month has felt just like this image. A blur of color and light and speed.

I have been racing in Oregon, training, working, camping with friends, and getting ready for some National level races in late June and July - and I have been looking forward to the Blitz to the Barrel - an amazing event put on by Erik and the All Access Team!

A forest fire started last weekend, dangerously close to Bend, and resulted in forced trail closures, thus the postponement of the Blitz. We are fortunate that the winds were on our side and for the incredible work of so many hardworking firefighters.  The fire is now under control and most of the trails have reopened.

While the official Blitz wasn't held, we did hold the official, unofficial Blitz on Wednesday and raised a glass (of a classy can of Rainier) to Erik and all the sponsors of the B2B. It was a great night full of smiles, laughter, beer, and riding bikes.

An all star crew!