March 12, 2014

Breaking Up With Clive Ellis

First Ride Back - All Smiles
Two and a half weeks ago I learned I had an evil gremlin (aka a large ovarian tumor) inside my body.  I named him Clive Ellis. I really didn't like Clive Ellis. He had to go.

I was planning to jump on a giant bird and fly to Texas for Mellow Johnny’s a few days later to kick off the 2014 racing season. Instead, I was meeting with the doctor and scheduling surgery.

Talk about a curve ball.

With the support of Ben, my family, and a few dear friends, I refocused my energies on kicking Clive Ellis' butt.

A week ago Monday, I broke up with Clive Elise. Three small incisions and out he went. I underestimated the assault surgery would have on my body and I spent four days on the couch, walking slowing and carefully, snuggling up with Piper and being ever grateful to my Mom who spent the week with me; taking care of me and reassuring me that I would feel better, if I was patient. She was right.  Thanks Mom.

Yesterday, I got the official pathology report and Clive Ellis was benign.  I also got the "ok" to pedal my bike. I rode and it was brilliant.  Brilliant not because the sun was shining and the mountains were basking in all their glory; brilliant because I was reminded of the gift I have been given; the gift of this life, this experience, this community, this body. The human spirit is strong, the body is resilient, and my heart is on fire.