November 5, 2013

Here’s to being smarter, smoother and stronger!

Into the Wind. Photo: Pat Malach
Washington County Fairgrounds is flat as a pancake, with so many twists and turns that it just about makes you dizzy.  There is also a long, flat, windy section.  This is the location of my tactical error.  I worked too hard for too long and in the end, couldn't respond to a well timed attacked by the lovely Laura.

Corner of Pain & Cave
Photo: Tim Schallberger
Laura was smarter, smoother, and on the last lap, stronger than I on Sunday.  She rode brilliantly, really.  

She was patient, strategic and attacked at the perfect time.  She was racing, I was just being silly. I was working so hard to drop her that I wasn't even paying attention to the lap count.  I was putting in huge efforts, into the wind, with Laura right on my wheel (not smart) and she just hung tight (very smart) until the opportune moment and launched a real sling-shot of a move, and took off.  We were running into the guys field, or they were running into us, and that created a bit more separation.  I recovered after a moment, but a small gap had opened and try as I might, I couldn't close it. 

Laura crossed the line first; a well deserved win and well played race. I have much to learn, but each weekend I take my lessons, file them away, and remind myself not to repeat these same mistakes again in the future.  
Here’s to being smarter, smoother and stronger!