October 8, 2013

Cross Crusade #1 - Winning at Alpenrose.

Photo: Matthew Haughey
On Saturday afternoon, while pre-riding the course with Foxy, I stopped to chat with Brad Ross and Kevin Blair.  There was the usual small talk and banter and then, I said it. “I am going to win tomorrow.”

Did I just verbalize that? 

“I am going to put that on Twitter” was Kevin’s response. 

I had just upped the ante. 

When I pulled on my skinsuit and rolled to the starting line on Sunday afternoon, I stood tall, in the POWER POSTURE (thanks Jade and Tina) and took a deep breath.

Here we go.

The Brava and I took the hole shot, and we just kept going.  The course was great, the Brava was on fire and I was motivated by the cheers from my family, friends, and of course, the Cookie Monster (aka Karsten). 

It was a hard fought win and I was full of emotion when I came through the velodrome for the final time and crossed the finish line.

Photo: Matthew Haughey
I really wanted to sit up, and celebrate, but I didn't.

“Please do not sit up when you cross the finish line” were the instructions we received before the race began.  I didn't want to go and break the rules.

So I gave a mighty fist pump instead. 

My first win at Alpenrose was truly a team effort and I am filled with appreciation.  I am proud to be part of All Access Racing and the Liv/giant family.  Thank you for your confidence, words of encouragement and most of all, for making sure we are all having fun!