September 20, 2013

Oregon Love.

At the confluence
This past weekend, we went into the woods, to magical place called Opal Creek.  Brilliant landscapes and dense forest surrounded us.  We were among friends, smiling and celebrating.  Celebrating the marriage of two amazing people; individuals who have helped to shape my life and my way of seeing the world.

We jumped into swimming holes you can understand only by experience.  The water so cold and clear it cleanses your soul from the outside in.  The warm rocks beckon as you pull yourself from the chilly bath – all worries and stresses washed away.

Time is measured only by the sun, as it passes quickly over this box canyon.  The mornings are greeted with yoga on Sacred Rock, a strong cup of coffee sipped from a mug that has a story to tell, a splash of water to the face as it pours off the pelton wheel; the wheel generating the electricity to power this little town called Jawbone Flats.

The outside world ceases to exist to those of us inside the green gate.  And yet, it carries on without us, and us without it.

Breakfast is a leisurely affair, filling out bellies as well as our spirits.  We bask in the agendaless day.  This is a change for me. I welcome it.

As the afternoon begins, I do the thing I love the best.  I ride my bike.  I ride into the mountains, on gravel roads, beside flowing creeks, past waterfalls and thimbleberries and magnificent rock outcroppings.  I climb and climb and climb.  I know not where I am, but I am certain I know where I am going.  I let my heart lead the way.  I sing a song that is silent, but strong.  I am above the clouds now, looking down into the valley below; vibrant green is only interrupted by blue sky and the gravel I have just ascended.

I continue traveling east, down loose and narrow twists and turns, soon giving way to smooth black asphalt, moss the only road markings visible. Turning north again, I pedal on, arriving at my destination, greeted by friends and the healing waters of the Breintenbush River.

The perfect closing act to a play I wish would never end. Reality begins to unfold and the work week will soon resume. 

To have these few days of wonder and magic and freedom, I am ever grateful.