December 6, 2012

Here's to Greatness

The desire to improve is one deeply rooted in my being.

It will not be smothered, deterred, or turned away from. It is a part of me.

Incremental improvement is often hard to measure. By definition, it doesn't happen all at once; but slowly, over time. Undetected, under recognized, and not celebrated.

These incremental steps are the building blocks to greatness; to attaining goals and reaching for dreams.

The end of my 2012 racing season will come at 3pm on Sunday – after the USGP in Bend. I have 80 minutes of racing left in these legs – I am planning to have good legs, a clear mind, and a strong heart.

I will race this weekend like it is my championship race, the climax of a long season. A season of incremental improvements, of slow and steady progress.

I will race with all the speed and strength and skill I have. I will hear the voices of my dearest friends, and of Ben. I will race my best, and no matter the result, when I cross the finish line on Sunday, I will be drawing a close to a great season.

It is important to remember the goals I set for myself last spring. To celebrate the accomplishments I have had and to be thankful to all those amazing people that make my life rich and full and wonderful.

I am not a professional bike racer, although I dream to be. I am a regular girl that loves to ride her bike, who gets on her bike everyday with the desire to improve, who sets high expectations for herself and is always striving for greatness.

So, here’s to greatness. And breakout races. And smiles, hugs, and whiskey at the finish line.