October 29, 2012

Community Exemplified - USGP Fort Collins, LA, Bend.

Fort Collins, Los Angeles, Bend.

Three weekends, six races, one family.

We train, we travel, we race, we want to do well and place high and be proud of ourselves.  But really, cycling is about the community, our community. A group of people; racers, competitors, friends, family, strangers.  Coming together around a common love.  Bicycles.

In Fort Collins, I was welcomed into the family home of a friend I made during Marathon Nationals in Bend. I stood in the kitchen on Sunday morning, with Karin's Mom, drinking coffee and my eyes filled with tears, I could not believe the generosity that poured forth around me.  Adam kept me laughing the entire weekend, especially when discussing super-powers and riding cross bikes down rocky single track. Karin shared her bright spirit with me, a smile that can only bring joy.  And big thanks to Jade, Alice, Beth Ann, Sue, Lea and Andy - for showing me the ropes, holding my hand, being my friends.

In Los Angeles, Brennan and I stayed with his Mom and Grandma.  I was overwhelmed with hospitality (and good food).  LA is a big place for this country mouse, but somehow, it become a lot smaller when I recognized a few friendly faces.  Thanks Billie and Felice.

And this last weekend, in Bend, I raced at home.  I had smashed my face on to the asphalt on Friday morning, on my way to work (obviously not my smartest move) and my face looked like Angelina-Jolie-gone-wildly-wrong.  I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  Ben took one look at me and asked "Do you really want to race?"

"Yes" I said without hesitation.  I was at home, of course I was going to race.

I had teammates, and friends, and a team tent.  Ben and I shared coffee and talked strategy and game-plans.  Don, Gary, Susan, Mike, and Cassondra were all there. My Mom came over on Saturday afternoon to be onsite for Halloween Costume oversight.  On Sunday, all of Bend was out in force for the annual costume race.  There was a ferris wheel and kiddie cross and so much joyousness that I couldn't help but remind myself that I live in the very best place in the world.  Even if I did look a bit like frankengirl.

This is what you get when you follow Adam around on a CX bike
Suffering in Fort Collins

Loving the Flyover
Impressive as always.