January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Sister of Mine

Thirty-one years today, during half time of the SuperBowl, the whole world changed; for the better.  It had nothing to do with the half-time show or who won the game.  During half-time of SuperBowl XXV, my little sister was born, Kacy Ann Elizabeth Bishop.

I don’t remember those first days, but I have been told I loved her immediately.  I was kind and tender and gentle.  She was my best friend, from day one.  And today, all grown-up, this remains true.
We have had our moments, our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations, our laughs, our cries, our celebrations! Through it all, I have never stopped loving her, in the deepest place in my heart, reserved for my sister, and my sister alone. No matter where our lives take us, we will be together, bonded by something stronger than any other: Sisterhood.
On this 25th day of January, 2012, I thank Mama and Papa for bringing Kacy into this world; for making it, and me, better.  I hope that one day, Max will look at Jude, and then glance to Kacy and Andrew and feel the same way – grateful for the bond between siblings – real and sacred and irreplaceable.