January 2, 2011

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in.

Walking toward the downtown through cold night air, we are playing with the new (and only) Gordon family Smartphone.  We learn we can listen to NPR’s Tiny Desk Avett Brothers (and yes, they are actually brothers, well, two of them anyway). We are on our way to a birthday dinner; my birthday dinner.  It is January 1st, 2011.  I turn 32 tonight.

The last 24 hours have been a crazy whirlwind; of all that is good and all that should be remembered to be good. 

The third annual New Year’s Eve Hash Run was held.  A grand event Ben and I coordinate each year, allowing well-behaved, law-abiding adults to dress up in funny costumes, run around Bend drinking spirits, making way too much noise and complete fools of themselves.  It is the most fun I have ever had on New Year’s Eve – and from the photo’s below, you can see why.

We wrapped up at O’Caines, around the fire pits, sipping whiskey and smoking cigars.  It is great fun to see the people you care about thoroughly enjoying themselves despite the fact it is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit and they are dressed for the Florida coast.  The evening was turning out to be just splendid.  And then I got hit; hit hard, by the stomach gremlin.  I will spare you the details, but let's just say the next 12 hours were rough.  My plan of the Terra Challenge Birthday Ski were quickly erased and the hope of even being able to get out of bed was severely debated.  (It must be said, so there is no question, this gremlin was not induced by alcohol. Period.)

After a few more hours of sleep, I was able to crawl my way out of bed; and being that is was my birthday, I was determined to sit up straight, smile and enjoy the day.  Birthdays come but once a year; I wasn’t about to let this one slip away. 

I rallied.  We ate pastries from Nancy P’s (Ben ate pastries, I looked longingly at them).  We drank coffee.  I opened presents.  I started to feel better.  And we headed up to the mountain.  Skate skis freshly waxed, it wasn’t going to be the day I had planned, but it was going to be a great day.  The winter mountain air lifted my spirit, even if my legs didn’t want to follow suit.  

Ben laughed, “This is a special day, I have more energy than you.”  He was right, I felt like shit, but I was determined; and so we skied.  Not for long, but it was beautiful and wonderful and the slow pace gave me a chance to soak in all I have in my life for which to be thankful.  Abundance.  Absolute abundance.

I have never been one to set New Year’s Resolutions, they seem false and contrived and easily forgotten.  They are easy to make and hard to keep, and for some reason, setting resolutions in sync with the majority of the developed world seems down right wrong.  It isn’t about resolutions made on January 1st anyway, it is about the way we live our lives, each and everyday. 

And so, staying with tradition, but with a clarity and examination, I am not setting any resolutions this year….I am not making a list of things I want to accomplish or places I want to visit and weight I want to lose. 

Earlier last week, Ben and I had a scare.  For a few split seconds, ringing in the New Year was not certain.  Life is short, we take if for granted, and when you feel it could be slipping away, everything slows down.  Vision is reduced to the few truly important elements.  Things change.

I step into this New Year, my 32th, recharged, smiling, and happy. With Ben by my side and a community of friends and family I am forever indebted to; my world is wide and great things await.  2011 is staring us all in the face.  Grab hold, charge hard, be safe, and don’t blink.

2011 is going to be f’ing amazing!

I and Love and You.