November 20, 2010

Laughter + Waterwings = Very Good Medicine.

Lately I have been feeling completely overwhelmed. By nothing in particular; by life in general. The self-imposed busyness I can’t seem to escape.

I expect a lot of myself and I don’t often ask for help. I need to.

Earlier this week, I posted this on my facebook page.

Floaties, Waterwings?

And then I realized, I have waterwings. They are all around me.
My husband Ben.
My friends, my teammates, my sister, my family.

I have waterwings, and they are already inflated – I just have to reach out for them. They are there to support me, to hold me up, to keep me from sinking, but I have to pull them on and trust them in order to receive benefit.

On Thursday morning, before I left for Maryland, I went into Sunnyside. Gary was there. He was smiling and laughing and told me some funny story that I don’t even remember.

But I remember it made me laugh. For the 5 minutes I shared with Gary, I forgot about everything else in the world. I forgot about the little stuff. I forgot about the stuff that doesn’t matter. I forgot about being overwhelmed.

I just stood there, laughing. Laughing with a man who inspires me.
Inspires me to patient and compassionate and unselfish.
Inspires me to be conscious and grateful and appreciative.
Inspires me to live life giving everything I have.

Gary, thank you for making me laugh.
And Ben, thank you for reminding me to reach for my waterwings.