October 4, 2010

Cross Crusade - The Race is On!

Max enjoying Cross - My #1 Super Fan
 The season opener of the Cross Crusade was held Sunday – over 1500 people signed up to race their bikes around a dairy – how crazy is that?

Racing at Alpenrose is awesome; the fans are outstanding, the course is fabulous, and made even more fabulous this year with the addition of some new sections, and the Sunnyside Team was out in force. I should write a full race report this morning, but I won’t bore you the details… here is the summary:

I got off to a slow start, regained some confidence and speed and had 3rd place in sight.

“Spazzed-out”, ran into a stake (in a super not technical portion of the course), hit the deck, bent my brake lever, had to fix it, lost way too much time and couple of places.

Raced my butt off for the next 3 laps but couldn’t close down the gap by the finish line – rolled across in 5th place.

BEST PART OF THE DAY: Family and Friends

Kacy, Andrew, Mom, Mark, and Max all came out to support me and the entire Sunnyside Squad. Matt and Damian both had great races; D almost held on to second place behind Chris Sheppard, but had a little run with the ground on the last lap and slipped down a couple of places. Renee rocked it with, racing with the big girls and finishing on the lead lap!

Cyclocross is sweet – love this sport. Rainer is up next……….

Race coverage: