April 23, 2010

The Swiftly Tee - Knockin' My Socks Off

I love wearing wool.  Wool sports bars, wool knickers, wool baselayers…. its soft, virtually stink-free and doesn’t stick to your skin when you start sweating like all the plastic, polypropylene, synthetic types.  I love wearing wool.  Period.  And then…….

Karly, the super fabulous ambassador of Lululemon, gave me the Swiftly Tee to take out for a test-drive.  Admittedly, I was a bit timid about sporting this new top.  My worst memories of synthetic baselayers surfaced.  It sat on a shelf in my closet for a couple of days, staring at me.  Finally I got brave.  I threw it on under my Sunnyside Jersey and headed out into the blustery weather.  It was only going to be a short ride.  

I was instantly impressed.  Shockingly impressed.  In fact, I ate my words about synthetic baselayers then and there.

I had been tasked with writing a product review of my newly acquired favorite baselayer.  I did so promptly upon returning home.
"Lightweight and super breathable, I barely knew I had it on.  Long enough to tuck in, fitted enough to flatter, without being constrictive, the Short Sleeve Swiftly Tech Tee is fabulous.
Worn alone, or under a cycling jersey, the Swiftly is comfortable, moisture wicking and doesn’t stink (at least not so far).  The sleeves are a bit capped making it super easy to layer up (or show off your biceps) and with a seamless construction; I don’t foresee any chafing problems. 
It is difficult to find an athletic top that can be worn as a base layer and by its self; LuluLemon nailed it on this one. If only it was made in a tank."

Turns out they do make a tank, and a long sleeve…. Looks like my pocket book is in trouble!

Stop by the new Bend Show Room on Bond Street, open Thursday thru Sunday. Sweet people, sweet product and sweet inspiration.  You, too, will be impressed.